Maastricht University

As part of a behavioural and experimental research project our devices were deployed for several research projects at Maastricht University.


Success Story

May, 2021


Our devices are used in the behavioural/experimental lab of Maastricht University to test the influence of Air Quality on financial decision making. In particular, the research was to assess the effect of indoor climate factors on human performance, focusing on the impact of indoor temperature on decision processes.

The devices were provided for free as part of our social entrepreneurship programme to support the researchers. The researchers, Martijn Stroom, Nils Kok, Martin Strobel, and Piet Eichholtz investigated whether self-report is a good proxy for performance under different indoor climate conditions. The results were published in the Journal of Judgment and Decision Making.

You can find more information about the research here.


“For exploring the effect of indoor air quality on cognitive performance in our lab, we gratefully used the birdnest version of Sustainably. These accurate and reliable sensors provided us with the live feedback we were looking for. Additionally, the service included an interactive online-accessible dashboard, tailormade to our demands” (Martin Stroom).

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