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Sustainably.io is a Dutch spin-off social entrepreneurship start-up that specialises in air quality measurement devices and sensors

Our solution are powered by IoT applications, 3D printing and cloud-based technologies. At our core, we combine sustainability, inclusivity and technology, aligning all these elements throughout the whole supply chain.

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What makes us different

We highly focus on providing value for the local community

What sustainably.io is doing differently than other technology companies is the way we conduct this venture, namely with an outstanding focus on providing value for the local community. This includes active collaborations with companies following a social mission.

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How it works

How it works

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Our easy and automated approach helps you to understand your indoor air quality and create healty environments.

See how simple it is:

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The philosophy of our product

Designed in Italy, manufactured in the Netherlands and distributed internationaly

Our design originates in Italy, employing the expertise and competence of professionals with an outstanding skillset in 3D modelling and design, material science and prototyping.

Manufacturing in the Dutch region of Limburg allows us to collaborate with local and international start-ups and industry experts. With our community focused mission, we employ a circular production approach, enabling us to funnel our passion for sustainability and inclusivity into our production processes. Our materials are biodegradable and compostable making them easily recyclable while reducing energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases.

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