Live Sustainably

Sustainably.ioWe conduct research and sustainably bring IoT solutions to your work, home, and play environments.

Our focus as is to develop IoT solutions to make our world more sustainable. We try to build a holistic approach in our design.

We make our own IoT devices using biodegradable materials with 3D Printing Technology and combine these with solutions such as smart plants and other natural objects. Because we don't like plastic!

We develop recycling projects for our devices to offer toys that teach programming to kids in developing countries via charities worldwide. Because we realize in the importance of coding in the future and aim to reach children who do not have access to such educational toys.

We also produce everything open source, both hardware and software. We care and we share. Because we want our products to be accessible, affordable, and sustainable!

Yours sustainably...

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We diagnose your air.
With the expertise of our team in regression methods and learning algorithms (machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc.), we analyze sensor data continuously and provide solutions seamlessly.